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Ben&Jerry's: If I Had a Million Flavours

To launch Ben&Jerry's first-ever Canadian flavour, "If I had 1,000,000 flavours", we created a contest micro site where Canadians could "flavourize" themselves by uploading their portrait for a chance to win a year's supply of the new ice cream and attend a Barenaked Ladies concert as VIPs.

Reveal of the microsite was preceded by a Twitter campaign where six "flavours" anxiously tweeted about whether or not they would be part of the new ice cream and asked consumers to support their cause.


Twitter campaign helped build buzz with over 4,000 connected and engaged followers and the contest microsite had over 3,500 contest entries in the first month and a half.

My Role

Creative concept and pitch, Strategy & Planning, User Experience, Art Direction


Social Media Buzz

User Experience

Wireframes, user flow and experience map were produced to map out user experience.

Amplification Strategy

This infographic was created to illustrate storyline for the social media initiative and various tactics that will help build the buzz and ultimately drive traffic to the microsite.