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Dove Pay Beauty Forward

Dove asked consumers across the country to join a real beauty movement and participate in one of 3 ways – take the Pay Beauty Forward Challenge, send positive messages to her friends, or support the real beauty movement by wearing a Pay Beauty Forward T-shirt.


My Role

Digital Planning, Conceptual Development, Brainstorm Facilitation, User Experience, Usability Testing

Final Product: Website

Strategic Brainstorming

To help define digital idea, we ran 3 brainstorming sessions at the beginning of the project. I led the sessions focusing the team on exploring conceptual and tactical ideas. The ideas that came out of it, collaborative feel and overall team spirit were truly amazing. One of the most collaborative projects I've worked on.

User Experience Development

To give creative a solid foundation, the project was well documented and a set of wireframes, sitemap and user flows was created to help the client and the team understand site functionality and user experience.

Usability Testing

Close to the end of the development cycle, we ran usability testing for the site, which gave the team lots of valuable insights on how to improve the site. My role was to lead the planning and execution, data analysis, and produce evaluation report with a list of recommendations for the team.